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Yellow and orange

I finished the latest pair of socks for T last night: Rachel Atkinson‘s Doctor Foster from the February issue of The Knitter magazine.

Doctor Foster

I don’t normally buy knitting magazines because I never make any of the patterns, but I was bored of Earl Greys and fell in love with these socks when they popped up on my Ravelry friend activity feed, so I thought I’d give them a go. They were fun to knit and made a nice change, and T is very happy with them; there were a few errors in the printed pattern but I messaged Rachel on Ravelry and she came back with answers very quickly.

The yarn is Yarn Yard Bonny in ‘Safran’. I picked this for the rainbow challenge running in the Yarn Yard group on Ravelry, where we’re up to yellow for January and February. It turned out to be quite an orangey sort of a yellow, but I don’t have time to knit anything else so I’m maintaining that it is definitely yellow.

Besides, today’s outfit had proper orange in it. The socks definitely aren’t this orange!


Shawl – Isaura
Shawl pin – Nova Steel
Cardigan – clothes swap
Dress – People Tree
Tights – Debenhams
Boots – Gabor

Red and yellow

I hadn’t thought of trying my grey and yellow dress with red before, but I think it worked quite well.


Jacket – M&S
Necklace – made by Helen
Brooch – Susan Sharpe on etsy
Dress – People Tree
Tights – M&S
Shoes – Clarks

Oranges and Lemons

Today I chose sunshiny orange and yellow as my attempt to beat the January blues. I’m not quite sure it managed that, though I liked the outfit; maybe there was too much grey mixed in.


Shawl – Aurantium
Shawl pin – Lantern Moon
Dress – People Tree
Cardigan – clothes swap
Tights – M&S
Boots – Gabor

Still, I now have Marvin the gargoyle living on my desk and guarding my teabags when he isn’t presiding over knitting group meetings!

Marvin guards my teabags