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Orange again

My orange jacket, which I bought on something of a whim, really has become a favourite this summer. Whoever would have thought that orange was a colour that would go with everything?


Between the jacket and the elephant scarf and purple shoes, I even managed to make navy trousers and a white top feel like me!

New Year’s Eve

Our financial year runs from August to July, so today was the last day of 2012-13. Obviously, this means work has been insanely busy and I seem to have spent all day answering queries by email, phone and in person. It got to the point in the afternoon when I realised I was heading for the loo not because I actually needed the loo but because it bought me a couple of minutes of time to myself. So I don’t really have a lot of energy for other things, which is why I ended up wearing trousers today – at least that meant I didn’t have to bother to shave my legs this morning!


Back to the future

I bought this jacket because it was a nice cheerful colour, and linen jackets are a good thing to wear for work in summer, but something about the cut made me feel rather like a refugee from 1985 when I paired it with these trousers.


Jacket – M&S
Blouse – charity shop
Trousers – Monsoon
Shoes – Jones Bootmaker

I ended up running late this morning when I tried this blouse on and realised that even though I’d sewed up the front over the bust, because it’s quite slim-fitting it also gaped over my stomach when I sat down, so I ended up sewing down the rest of the front at 6:45am. Which may have been my major achievement in what has really been a pretty bad day. Still, at least it’s over, and now it’s the weekend so I have two days to do fun crafty stuff rather than having to fight off the black dog at work.


I was surprised that only one person commented that they’d never seen me wearing trousers before today, but then I suppose I was sitting behind a desk most of the time. I’m rather liking these, anyway.


Cardigan – February Lady
Blouse – charity shop
Trousers – Monsoon
Shoes – Jones Bootmaker

Also, I didn’t sign up for Me-Made May because I thought I probably didn’t have enough me-made work-appropriate clothes, but I’ve been playing along anyway and am quite impressed that managed ten days of wearing something I’ve made so far. Next year I think I’ll definitely do it for real!

New clothes

I’m trying not to buy too many new clothes, because I already have loads of things and I want to try to make more of my clothes going forward, but when I popped into M&S for some tights last week and saw this dress on sale for £12 I couldn’t resist it.


Shawl – Isaura
Dress – M&S
Shoes – Clarks

I also surprised myself today by buying a pair of trousers. I think the last time I bought trousers was about three years ago, and I’m mostly happy wearing skirts, but T bought me a top for my birthday that I think will look better with trousers, and it also struck me that a pair of plain trousers might be a good partner for me-made tops in pretty printed cottons which wouldn’t go with my print skirts (this is thinking ahead, and assumes that I have now worked out how to do a Full Bust Adjustment properly, of course). So I have bought a pair of navy blue cotton trousers in a pleat-fronted, tapered-leg style that a couple of years ago I’d have dismissed as unbelievably middle-aged looking, but which now look rather cute and a bit Fifties, and possibly even surprisingly trendy, and which also remind me of a pair of trousers I had in the late 90s that I remember wearing a lot and rather liking. Whether I ever actually wear them remains to be seen, of course!

A warm day in Oxford, a cold day in hell

I can probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’ve worn trousers to work since I started photographing my outfits and blogging about them. I certainly haven’t worn trousers twice in a week, or probably even in a month, for a very long time, but here I am wearing a pair for the second day running.


Necklace – shop in Burford
Jacket and top – clothes swap
Trousers – Fat Face
Shoes – Clarks

I might try to find a way of wearing a skirt again tomorrow, though.

Desperate times need purple trousers

I don’t much like wearing trousers, but given the weather forecast and the impossibility of wearing anything but fully closed shoes at the moment I decided that at least trousers would be cooler than tights, and that anyway most of my reluctance to wear them almost certainly stemmed from fears of looking too casual/short and dumpy that are actually all in my head. So I wore trousers, and managed to feel perfectly professional while not overheating.


Necklace – made by Helen
Jacket – M&S
Brooch – Accessorize
Top – clothes swap
Trousers – Boden
Boots – Clarks