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I seem to have spent all winter looking for tops I could wear with my skirts for work, but actually the best thing remains a fitted scoop-neck t-shirt. Not quite as smart as my dresses, perhaps, but perfectly OK for an ordinary day at work with a cardigan or jacket and a nice necklace and maybe a scarf or shawl. Why go for fussy things that need ironing and have buttons that gape and are made from unstretchy fabrics that pull and feel uncomfortable?


Top – Gap
Necklace – East
Cardigan – clothes swap
Skirt – White Stuff
Tights – M&S
Boots – Gabor

Summertime blues (in pink)

Summer is my least favourite season, clothes-wise. I like the opportunities for playing with colours and textures that tights and jumpers and shawls offer; for most of the summer, even in temperate England, it’s generally warm enough that I only need a skirt and a top and maybe leggings and a cardi for outside (and of course, it being temperate England means it’s rarely warm enough to waft around in really summery clothes).


Necklace – Accessorize
T-shirt – M&S
Skirt – Per Una
Sandals – Hush Puppies

I also find that I feel much smarter in my cooler-weather clothes; a skirt and a plain t-shirt always feels a little bit casual. This has been occupying my mind a lot recently, as I will be changing jobs soon and suspect that the new office will be rather smarter than my current workplace, while still falling firmly within the rather nebulous territory which is “business casual”. Looking back at my outfit photos helps to reassure me that I don’t really look all that casual, but I have been doing some experimenting and ordered t-shirts from Uniqlo and Land’s End to see if they were any smarter than my usual M&S ones. The two packages arrived today. The Uniqlo ones are good colours and a reasonable fit, although I’m a little distressed that I’m an XL in their sizing(!); I ordered a M and an L from Land’s End and both seem to be a reasonable fit, but the colours are far more pastel than they looked on the website. I probably can’t be bothered to send them back, given they were in the sale and pretty cheap, but I certainly wouldn’t have bought them if I’d known what the real colours would be like. Neither is particularly different from the M&S t-shirts, so I think I’ll stick to them in future and just keep reminding myself that a plain t-shirt in good condition is perfectly appropriate summer workwear!