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I haven’t worn this skirt since last year, because the back seam had come unstitched just below the zip and the end of the zip kept popping through. Which took about five minutes to fix, when I finally got round to it at the weekend. Why do I always put off mending?


Shawl – Citron
Jacket – Debenhams
Top – M&S
Skirt – charity shop
Boots – Duo

Slightly dull

Today I wanted to wear my orange jacket, which I hadn’t worn since last winter, and I thought this outfit worked really well. The jacket is a lovely cheerful colour, and even though I was just wearing a plain t-shirt it didn’t look too casual because it matched the skirt and was tucked in, and the skirt may be a size too small to wear normally but looks fine worn higher up, on my actual waist.


Jacket – East
Necklace – Oxfam fairtrade
T-shirt – Evans
Skirt – Boden
Tights – M&S
Boots – Duo

Unfortunately, I spent two hours of the afternoon in a very stuffy meeting room, and even after that I was warm enough that I didn’t really want to put the jacket back on, and without it the outfit really wasn’t very interesting at all. And also, a slightly-tight skirt is fine when I’m sitting in my office chair with a nice straight back, but not really ideal when I’m trying to find a comfortable position to sit in a meeting-room chair for two hours!

November brights

Today’s outfit was an attempt to banish the November blues with red and orange. Sadly, the November blues are not that easy to banish (I’m starting to think the month should be outlawed under the Geneva Convention), but it was a good outfit anyway.


Jacket and top – M&S
Necklace – charity shop
Skirt – Boden
Tights – Red Herring
Boots – Duo

For the birds

Relatively tame olive-green tights today, but I was wearing my Big Birdie skirt and an owl brooch, so I think there was enough fun and whimsy in my outfit anyway.


Necklace – made by Helen
Jacket – Jigsaw
Porcelain owl brooch – Susan Sharpe on etsy
Top – Gap
Skirt – Clothkits, made by me
Tights – Debenhams
Boots – Duo

I took a close-up photo of the brooch, though it’s a bit fuzzy:

Wol brooch

I’ve been wearing dresses a lot more than skirts recently, and I thought it was because I didn’t have any tops to go with the skirts I own. Actually, I realised today that I have plenty of plain but reasonably smart jersey tops; I just don’t have many winter skirts that feel right for work. Some of the skirts I used to wear are just too small, a couple of others have broken zips that need fixing, and several (from my Per Una phase) just don’t feel right – they tend towards the flouncy and while they worked beautifully with layered tops and tough boots, in a straightforwardly business casual outfit they’re just too girly for me.

Luckily, ‘not having enough skirts’ is a really nice problem for me to have. ‘Not having enough tops’ is tricky, because of fitting issues (though I’m wondering if I should just learn to make basic scoop-necked jersey tops so I can have them in the colours and sleeve lengths I want, with necklines that don’t threaten to show my bra to the world every time I bend down), but skirts are the one thing I can make relatively successfully. I see an examination of the fabric stash in the very near future…

Watch the birdie

I’ve only worn my Big Birdie skirt as casual wear before, but I thought the other day that it might be smart enough for work with a jacket; and I certainly didn’t feel too casual today.


Jacket and t-shirt – M&S
Necklace – East
Skirt – made by me from a Clothkits kit
Tights – M&S
Shoes – Clarks

Autumn already

I can’t believe it’s already got to the stage where it really isn’t light enough for me to take my outfit photos outside at 6:45am. It’s a shame, as I think the outdoor pictures are much better than the indoor ones – I’ve tried tweaking my camera settings but when it comes to it it’s only a basic point-and-shoot and I’m not sure I’ll ever get great results (though the fact that I know very little about cameras doesn’t exactly help!).


Cardigan – Monsoon
Necklace – made by Helen
Top – M&S
Skirt – charity shop
Tights – M&S
Shoes – Clarks

Magenta goes with everything

Well, it does.


Cardigan – Gap
Blouse – charity shop
Necklace – East
Skirt – made by me
Shoes – Greenshoes