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Breaking the rules

I’m not a big fan of ‘rules’ about how to dress. If someone tells me I shouldn’t wear blue and green together, or brown shoes with black, my reaction is generally to go out and try it as soon as possible, so nyeh. But I do have more fundamental rules, like underwear goes on before tights and the seams should generally be on the inside of a garment. And one of those is that jumpers are outer layers and should always be worn over a t-shirt or other top; I have become more flexible about that with the kind of viscose or acrylic jumpers which fill the shops every winter and which are invariably far too skimpy to fit a t-shirt under, but when it comes to wool jumpers I’ve never even considered breaking the rule. Until today; I wanted to wear my red jumper but was concerned that I would be too warm with a t-shirt and a wool jumper in the office, so I threw the rules to the wind and wore the jumper with only a camisole underneath.


Shawl – Milkweed
Jumper – M&S via charity shop
Belt – came with some trousers
Skirt – M&S
Tights – M&S
Shoes – Shuropody

It felt a little odd, but not too bad really, and given that my fine-knit jumpers are all machine-washable there’s no real need to wear something under them to save on washing…