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Blue Monday

Today I went for blues and greens, a combination that made me think of the sea.


My commute listening today was the recent Radio 4 Book at Bedtime version of Neil Gaiman’s new novel The Ocean at the End of the Lane, which seemed appropriate. It’s a lovely, magical tale, and was beautifully read by Michael Sheen (who has a gorgeous voice) but it did feel rather slight. I do wonder how much was omitted to fit it in to five 15-minute episodes…

It’s been a blue day in terms of mood, too. I said I was going to talk more about depression here, and I haven’t really been, or at least I’ve been avoiding talking about it directly or in too much detail, but I have been struggling lately (I suspect that much was obvious, at least). Things got so bad a couple of months ago that I made a doctor’s appointment just before I went to Cumbria to talk about other treatment possibilities, because the antidepressants really don’t seem to have been doing much for a while. Despite a distrust of touchy-feely stuff and a strong preference for considering depression to be a physical illness that can be treated with pills like any other, I was starting to think that maybe I really needed to try therapy. So I referred myself to the local CBT service. That was towards the end of June. The first appointment for a telephone assessment they could offer me was a month later. That was three weeks ago now and in two and a bit weeks I have a face-to-face appointment with someone, which I think is going to be starting me off on a “guided self-help” programme – mainly working through the materials myself, with telephone appointments for support and feedback. At the moment it feels like a very long wait, and coping in the meantime is a struggle. And while I think it really isn’t very different to someone with a bad back or a trapped nerve waiting for physiotherapy and having to deal with pain in the interim, it is different because I’m still scared of saying anything to my managers in case they think I’m a flake, so I can’t bring myself to ask for help or adjustments.

Also, while I understand the principles of CBT (breaking negative thought cycles, trying to learn to react differently to things and not follow the patterns that lead to depression) I’m a little worried about actually learning to apply them, especially when I don’t so much seem to have specific negative thoughts as a howling, whirling black emptiness in my head that swallows up all light and hope. How do I learn to reason with a whirlwind?

I’d like to say normal service will be resumed shortly, but honestly, I don’t know if it will.

Green and purple, day 5 (cheating slightly)

I was planning to wear my green and purple Citron shawl, which would have fitted the theme perfectly, but the slightly muted colours looked odd combined with bright Cadbury-purple tights, so I went for Elektra instead. Turquoise isn’t far from green, after all, though I definitely think of this as a bluey turquoise rather than a green one.


Shawl – Elektra
Necklace – East
Dress – Gap
Tights – M&S
Boots – Duo

Green and purple, day 4

I knew I had a lot of purple dresses, but somehow I hadn’t quite registered that I own two green jackets. This one was about £5 from the second-hand stall at the Thursday flea market, and is obviously fairly old, but the velvet is lovely and soft and according to the label it’s Windsmoor, so good quality.


Jacket – second-hand stall
Brooch – Susan Sharpe on etsy
Necklace – East
Dress – Mary Portas
Boots – Gabor

One more day of my green and purple week to go! I have tomorrow’s outfit all planned out…

Green and purple, day 3

I realised this morning (coincidentally while listening to ‘All We Like Sheep’ from the Messiah) that apart from my underwear everything I was wearing today had wool in; wool jacket, wool-mix dress, merino tights, wool and cashmere coat, wool hat, scarf and mittens. Which was probably just as well, because it was so cold that when I tried to take some photos of the wintery scene on my way to work my phone claimed that its battery was completely flat, despite having shown 50% when I left the house and showing 51% after five minutes charging in the office…


Jacket – Jigsaw
Necklace – made by Helen
Dress – East
Vest and tights – M&S
Boots – Duo

Same but different

Apparently this is shaping up to be a week of green and purple combinations. I wonder if I could manage all five days, and if anyone else would notice if I did? (Apart from you guys, obviously.)


Jacket – Debenhams
Necklace – made by Helen
Dress – charity shop
Tights (merino wool) – M&S
Boots – Gabor

Pink and green

I was looking back at the colour-wheel posts on the now-defunct Academichic when I was thinking about colours last week, and I think some of their use of colour has rubbed off on me this week as I’ve definitely been a bit more adventurous than normal.


Blouse – charity shop
Skirt and necklace – White Stuff
Shoes – Greenshoes

It was obviously the day for coral, as three of us in the office were wearing it and when I got home some yarn had arrived in exactly the same shade as the skirt.


Despite having been somewhat dubious about my Lyttelton shrug when I finished knitting it, I’ve worn it several times, and would have worn it more often if the weather hadn’t been so consistently vile that it’s felt like a somewhat risky choice to opt for something that doesn’t actually cover my forearms.


Shrug – Lyttelton (handknitted)
Necklace and dress – East
Camisole – M&S
Shoes – Greenshoes

In fact, the last few weeks have been warm and humid enough that short sleeves are absolutely fine, and despite starting off wearing sheer tights by the end of the day I was bare-legged. Honestly, I don’t see the point of sheer tights; they aren’t actually much cooler than opaques while being about fifteen times as annoying in terms of propensity to ladder and nasty nylony feeling, although if it’s actually at all chilly they don’t offer any warmth at all. Ridiculous!

Meanwhile, anyone who follows knitters on Twitter may have noticed the outrage about the fact that it appears that the high street chain Debenhams have copied the extremely popular o w l s jumper, designed by Kate Davies (who also designed Lyttelton). You can read Kate’s post about it here. Having just taken delivery of a kit to knit Kate’s Betty Mouat Cowl (nine gorgeous shades of Shetland wool!) I’m now considering making my own o w l s jumper in the near future, maybe modified as a cardigan because I suspect that would suit me better and be easier to wear. Because obviously there just weren’t enough things I wanted to knit before…