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Today’s outfit was all about comfort; my red dress for comfort in the muggy weather we’ve been having, and my green shoes for comfort because the toe I squashed under a chair last autumn has been giving a few twinges. I added a necklace as a concession to aesthetics, but the primary focus of this outfit was definitely not how it looked.


Necklace – East
Dress – Debenhams
Shoes – Greenshoes

And it was lovely to get home after another busy day to find a parcel full of gorgeous things waiting for me from the shawl swap I’ve been doing.

Swap parcel

The notebook is particularly perfect, but the shawl is also beautiful and definitely something I’ll enjoy wearing with more casual outfits. Thank you so much, swap partner!

Fit and comfort

Everything I wore today fit me perfectly well, but it felt as though I was wearing an outfit that was slightly too small for me; it certainly wasn’t comfortable. Whether it was the shortness of the skirt (which is cut so that it looks considerably shorter when I’m sitting than when I’m standing up), the fact that the tights have lost most of their elasticity (why do tights do that?), the fact that the jacket doesn’t quite button up, or simply the combination of all of those, I spent most of the day wishing I’d worn a jersey dress instead.


Jacket – bought from C
Necklace – made by Helen
Top – Gap
Skirt – M&S
Tights – M&S
Boots – Gabor

Oddly enough, the dress I wore yesterday is actually slightly too small – definitely a worse fit than anything I wore today! – but because it’s stretchy it felt much more comfortable than today’s more restrictive clothes.