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Spot the difference

Today we had a dress-down day at work for Sport Relief. Though I’m not sure there’s really that much difference between my dressed-down and normal work outfits, to the casual observer…


I’m feeling very ambivalent about these boots at the moment. I’m not quite sure why, as they’re perfectly nice boots, though they’re a bit too warm to wear with handknitted socks in a warm office all day and by mid-afternoon I was wishing I could take them off as I would at home. I think they do tend to get a bit uncomfortable worn with wool socks for several hours at a stretch, so that might well be part of it. I don’t seem to have the same problem wearing my smart boots with tights all day, but I don’t know whether the difference is down to the boots or if handknitted socks are just too warm to wear inside boots indoors (which seems like it might well be possible). Or if I just really want to still be wearing Doc Martens outside work and these are just a bit too dull and conservative in style…

For the rain it raineth every day

Apparently it rained every day but one in January here in Oxford, and I’m pretty sure it’s rained every day in February too. That’s a lot of rain.


My Gore-Tex lined Clarks boots are still not entirely comfortable, but as the problem seems to be that there’s just too much space in the ankle wearing them with handknitted socks over my tights seems to help, although that does make them a bit too tight in the feet. However, I think it’s worth a little discomfort not to have wet feet.

The weather is doing absolutely nothing to help my mental health, which is always at its lowest ebb in February; my mood plummets at the end of January as the reviving effect of the Christmas break wears off, and by mid-February I’m really struggling to make it through each day or see any point in being alive. Basically, I think that my brain is trying to kill me by convincing me that I’m a worthless waste of space and the world would be a better place without me in it and every day is a struggle not to give in to it. I do wonder whether living somewhere which actually had sunshine in the winter would make a difference…

And another purple cardigan

This one isn’t handknitted, though, I bought it in East a few weeks ago when I first started thinking about wearing cardigans instead of jackets for work more often.


I made the rookie mistake of wearing my new boots (bought in the Clarks sale just before Christmas, mainly because they have a Gore-Tex lining and when you work ten minutes from town and are about to work ten minutes from the nearest bus stop boots which won’t end up soaked through in torrential rain are worth their weight in gold, let alone 30% off sale prices) two days in a row and they were rubbing my ankles painfully where the leather had creased by the end of today, but on the other hand my feet didn’t get wet and hopefully the boots will wear in soon enough.

And now it’s the weekend again. I like weeks that are only two days long; what a shame they don’t happen more often!

New year, new start

I realised over the Christmas break that I’ve been missing outfitblogging. Even though it felt like a chore for a while, mostly I enjoyed sharing what I was wearing with the internet and found it gave me a reason to think about my clothes and try to be creative with combinations instead of just wearing the same things again and again. And, although it might be blowing my own trumpet a bit, and it’s not as if I’m out to make a vast stir on the internet, I like to think that writing about how I wear the things I’ve made is the one vaguely original thing I do here; there are lots of craft blogs, and plenty of outfit blogs, but I can’t think of many that combine the two.

So here is today’s outfit. Unusually for me, I ended up wearing a handknitted cardigan for work, partly because I thought it might be chilly in the office after the break (it wasn’t particularly) and partly in an attempt to ease myself into the new year a bit more gently.


I’ve never been convinced that round-necked cardigans like this really work over my jersey dresses, which all tend to have v-necks and drapey front detailing, and always thought that cardigans which can be worn open or fastened just below the bust are better, but actually I thought this looked OK fastened at the top like this, especially on a day when there was no need to look particularly smart as I was at my desk all day writing handover notes, because I am going on secondment for 15 months to work on a project that I think will be really interesting and, more to the point, will get me away from aspects of my current job which I think have been major contributing factors to the worsening of my mental health issues over the last year or so. So this new year really is a new start, and hopefully being in a less difficult working environment will mean I have more energy for blogging as well as pursuing my hobbies.


Today’s outfit ended up being particularly cheerfully coloured. Which was some compensation for it being a grey Friday at the end of a long week, at least.


Shawl – Galathea
Jacket – Debenhams
Brooch – Susan Sharpe on etsy
Dress – East
Tights – M&S
Boots – Duo


I haven’t worn this skirt since last year, because the back seam had come unstitched just below the zip and the end of the zip kept popping through. Which took about five minutes to fix, when I finally got round to it at the weekend. Why do I always put off mending?


Shawl – Citron
Jacket – Debenhams
Top – M&S
Skirt – charity shop
Boots – Duo

So little time, so much to do

The trouble with work is it leaves me so little time to get on with the things I really want to do. I can knit socks on the bus, and read in bed at night, but there’s no time on weekdays for sewing or working on bigger knitting projects or organising things or generally pottering about contemplating the state of my crafty navel. So I’m glad today is Friday, even though the weekend is so short.


Shawl – Godiva
Brooch – Susan Sharpe on etsy
Necklace – charity shop
Dress – People Tree

Things on my to-do list for this weekend include:

-catch up on sleep
-buy storage boxes
-transfer pile of bags of jumper-quantities of yarn into new storage boxes
-tidy up craft bookshelf
-photograph and blog finished socks
-crochet round neckline and front edges of Cria
-sew buttons on Cria
-photograph and blog Cria
-print and trace Birgitte Basic Tee pattern and have a go at FBA
-try to work out how to do twin-needle sewing on my machine
-work on socks with deadline

…does that sound doable? Or completely bonkers?