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I had a meeting today which I really wasn’t looking forward to, so I decided to wear black and red in an attempt to look Serious and Businesslike. I don’t know whether I did, but the meeting wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d feared it would be.


Jacket, dress, camisole and tights – M&S
Brooch – Susan Sharpe Ceramics
Necklace – charity shop
Boots – Gabor

And I got home to find that the installation of our new boiler had all gone smoothly and we now have a new, incredibly quiet boiler in place of the rattly old one! We have a warm air heating system so the boiler has a fan instead of a pump, but this one purrs rather than roaring. And it’s even got a ‘summer air circulation’ setting which sounds like a really good thing for hot weather too.

Orange and black

I like this top a lot, but don’t wear it that often because I struggle to think what to wear it under, and there’s not much of the year when I’m happy to wear a jersey top without at least having a cardi to hand. I rediscovered this cardigan last week when I was pulling out black clothes for my granny’s funeral; I bought it to wear for a work Christmas party in 1998 (or was it 1999? I think it was the former) so it must be one of the longest-owned garments I have (not the longest, though; I think that distinction belongs to a red skinny-rib top I bought in River Island in Leamington Spa in early 1993, though I may have got rid of it in my last clear out as I think the fabric was beginning to disintegrate).


Necklace – Oxfam fairtrade
Cardigan – Outfit
Top and skirt – M&S
Boots – Gabor

The opposite of blue

I thought maybe my fuchsia tights would help to keep the January blues at bay…


Scarf – Galathea
Jacket – bought from friend
Dress and tights – M&S
Boots – Gabor

I’ve worn these Gabor boots several times already – I don’t quite know how I managed without a pair of black boots for so long!