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Complementary colours

I haven’t been taking outfit photos much lately, and the last few times I have done I’ve then found that I couldn’t be bothered to actually blog about them. I find summer dressing pretty uninspiring at the best of times, and my interest in clothes and my appearance pretty much vanished during the bout of depression I was struggling with earlier this year. To be honest, it still hasn’t really returned, even though I’d say that generally not only do I feel happier than I did a few months ago, I feel happier than I have done for about three years; clothes just don’t seem that exciting right now.


On the other hand, I did like the way my orange jacket worked with the blue skirt and green top I’d put on today. I was going to wear a cobalt blue jacket, given that it has now got cool enough to want a jacket outdoors, but it was too close in colour to the skirt and yet not close enough and just looked sloppy, and my beige jacket is in the wash, so I tried the orange and was pleasantly surprised.

I still feel very uninspired, though. And I miss the outfit blogs I used to get inspiration from; seeing how other women put interesting outfits together often seemed to spark me into thinking up new ways to use my clothes, but there don’t seem to be any everyday outfit blogs around any more, only fashion blogs. I do wonder if my interest in clothes will come back at all, or if it’s gone the way of my interest in food which pretty much disappeared in the last major bout of depression a few years back…


Today was definitely the kind of day when the only sensible clothing strategy was to wear loose lightweight woven garments, and as few of those as possible.


Linen dress, sandals, done. Even if the dress did already look wrinkled at a quarter to seven in the morning when I took this picture (that’ll be because you never iron things – Ed.).

Tucked in

I’ve never tended to wear tops tucked in (well, I probably tucked in my school blouses when I wore school uniform, but I think that was about it). I’m not sure why. Was it just so much the fashion when I was growing up that I never even thought about it? Did tucked-in tops remind me too much of school? Did I hope that wearing a longer top would hide my stomach? I really don’t know, but whatever the reason, I have spent most of the last 40 years wearing my tops untucked. So I’m not quite sure why I suddenly seem to have started tucking things in.


I don’t think it looks bad, and it’s probably better with these rather shapeless blouses I bought from White Stuff in the hope that they would look smarter than t-shirts (which I think they do, though possibly not when untucked as they’re linen and wrinkle up). It’s just rather a departure from my normal look.

Green and purple, and a new necklace

I love my Lyttelton shrug. It’s a really nice shape, perfect to throw on when I want a bit more than just a dress but it’s too warm for a cardigan.


I think that what I like about the shape is that unlike a lot of shrugs, it isn’t just a pair of sleeves without a jumper attached – you knit a few inches of the back before casting on more stitches for the sleeves, and cast off the sleeve stitches and then knit the same length again on the fronts. I’d like to knit more shrugs, because it is very wearable, but there seem to be very few patterns that have that; most are basically a rectangle with the long side seamed at the outer edges to create sleeves, and they tend to have a rather stretched look at the armpits which I don’t particularly like. Maybe I should just substitute another stitch pattern, and maybe rework the stitch counts and shaping for a different gauge, and make another Lyttelton…

I also wore my new necklace, which I bought on Saturday from Yellow Bear Wares.


Because really, how could I resist a green and purple knitting needle necklace?

Simplicity (or maybe dullness)

I keep thinking I should get back to posting more outfit pictures, but then it’s summer and it’s hard to come up with interesting outfits when my main priority is generally staying cool. Today’s outfit is about as basic as they come, but I quite liked it anyway – it almost felt “classic”, if such a thing was possible for me. Or maybe it was just a bit dull.



Yesterday’s outfit was unusual for not including anything I’d made. Today’s was unusual because I’d made both the skirt and the top; my Afternoon Blouse got its first airing and I was very pleased with it.


My knee feels much better after a day in comfortable flat shoes, though still not quite right. That’ll teach me not to put appearance before comfort again in a hurry!

New dress, new start

Back at work today after a week and a bit off sick because the headweasels had just got too much for me and I simply couldn’t cope any more. I spent most of my time off knitting. I find the act of making stitches and following a pattern very therapeutic, though I found that I needed a certain amount of complexity to keep my mind focused on the knitting; there was one point where I found myself getting horribly muddled over the toe decreases on a plain sock because I’d ended up knitting away on autopilot and my brain had wandered off into a spiral of anxiety and lost track of what my hands were doing, whereas when I was working on more complicated things I had far less trouble. And, as a bonus, I finished two of the knitalong projects I was working on and am now pretty much back to my normal three WIPs (socks, a shawl, and a cardigan) which is good as I was feeling a bit overloaded. There will be pictures soon, once things are blocked!


I have actually gone back to a different job for a couple of months, as another department was desperate for some assistance in an area I know well and things are fairly quiet on the project I’m seconded to. I think this is a good thing, as I wasn’t really enjoying the project work and didn’t feel I fitted in with the office culture in the department where it was based, and it’s nice to be doing something different and getting to meet new people and experience a different part of the organisation. I wore my new Boden dress to make a good impression (it’s actually one of two new Boden dresses, as I originally bought the same dress in navy blue and loved the fit so much I couldn’t resist buying it in pink as well), though the smart shoes were a mistake as I had forgotten just how uncomfortable they are; after walking three-quarters of a mile from the old office to the new one, and then spending 45 minutes standing up while I had an induction to the building, and then walking half a mile into town at lunchtime, the bottoms of my heels and the balls of my feet were throbbing, and by the time I got back to the office again my right knee was stiff and sore (though that may be a stress reaction, as it has done it before when I’ve been under stress or going through difficult times). Back to flat shoes tomorrow, I think!