I finished my Lush Cardigan (which I was knitting as part of Purlescence‘s knitalong), and even though it’s really not the weather for nice woolly cardis I did put it on for a few minutes yesterday so that T could take some photos (I was jolly glad to take it off again afterwards, though!).


The yarn is Sweet Georgia merino superwash DK, in “Jade” (though it looks more like teal to me). It’s not a really soft merino, which I think is a good thing as in my experience really soft yarns tend to pill very quickly; it’s not scratchy but it feels quite durable and I’m hoping it will wear well, because I love the cardigan and want to wear it lots!


I knitted the 39″ bust size, which is 3″ smaller than my full bust measurement but matches my high bust, as I thought that would give me the best fit in the shoulders. I added 2″ of short row bust darts to give a better fit over the bust and worked more increases below the waist to end up with the stitch count for the 46″ size to allow for the fact that my hips are wider than my bust and although I will probably only wear ever do up the top buttons I wanted it to look as though I might conceivably be able to button it all the way up if I chose.


I’m not sure that was the best idea, because the paired increases have created a little bulge at the sides, though I don’t know if that’s because I did more or just because the pattern didn’t specify the increases to use and I went for M1R and M1L but might well have got them the wrong way round. It doesn’t really show, though, and generally I’m really pleased with the fit.


After agonising over what kind of buttons to use I finally ordered several sets from Textile Garden and chose a set which proved to be a perfect colour match for the yarn (I had thought that contrasting buttons might be a better choice and ordered a couple of yellow sets to try out).

Lush buttons

Of course, it’ll probably be at least three months before I actually get to wear it, but it’ll be something to look forward to when summer starts turning to autumn!

9 responses to “Lush

  1. That is gorgeous and really suits you. I love the buttons!

  2. That is so pretty!

  3. Oh my word – that really is gorgeous! If only I had started knitting mine, it might have been finished by now… and other hopeless statements of wistful thinking!

  4. That is so pretty, and such a good fit.

    I always find that hip shaping makes little bulges, no matter what increases or decreases I do, and no matter how spaced it is. For my Puffin I am working the shaping 14 stitches either side of the side markers, about where I’d put darts in a sewn garment. So far it’s working well – there’s effectively a 4″ panel running up each side with no shaping in it, and that lies a lot better over my hips than the conventional shaping immediately by the side seam/seam equivalent.

    • Yes, it looks fine when it’s buttoned up, though I probably won’t wear it buttoned all the way, it just bulges a little when worn open. I can see that spacing the increases/decreases more widely would probably help!

  5. Well done, finishing a cardy is no mean feat and this one looks so good on you. It’s very flattering. Love the colour and the buttons are super!

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