Purple and orange

It’s really strange, how much more comfortable I feel in my new job already, and how that reflects itself in what I choose to wear. In my last job I was always worrying about whether I looked smart enough or serious enough, and spent a lot of time feeling underdressed or sometimes overdressed and worrying if I looked too colourful for anyone to take me seriously. In my new job, where I’m surrounded by accountants instead of fundraisers, I can just throw together an outfit out of co-ordinating and contrasting separates and feel just fine all day.


8 responses to “Purple and orange

  1. Interesting; I’d be perfectly comfortable around fundraisers, but no idea what to wear around accountants! (also, I’d expect the fundraisers to be much more colourful, but that’s clearly just stereotyping)

    • Well, I would also have expected the fundraisers to be more colourful, but actually they tended to be more corporate than the accountants – a lot of suits and expensive-looking handbags – whereas the finance department aligns much more with what I think of as business casual, and lots of the women wear interesting and colourful outfits (with special mention to the comms officer who is recently back after going through chemo and not only wears lovely colourful outfits but has colourful coordinating turbans to wear with them).

  2. Purple and orange sounds cool and you look fab🙂

  3. I love the shape of your scarf and the way it cuts across the orange, and the balance of the colours and lengths… and I don’t care if that sounds a bit arty-farty of me! FAB OUTFIT!🙂

  4. Those colours work beautifully together.🙂

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