Slightly gloomy

I have a new camera (because I dropped the old one while blearily taking pre-coffee outfit photos last week and after that all it would do was show a message telling me to turn it off and back on again, no matter how many times I did turn it off and back on again). It’s pretty much the same as the old one, except that it has a couple more megapixels (which appears to mean that things look closer in photos than they did on the old camera, and if I try to take outfit photos with the camera on the chest of drawers it cuts my feet off, so I have to use the yarn boxes instead, and the lid of the top one isn’t quite flat because it is very full of yarn…but then I am considering reorganising my stash and sorting the sock yarn into sock-yarn-I-can-make-socks-with (anything with nylon in) and sock-yarn-that-isn’t-suitable-for-socks…) and some of the settings are in slightly different places. Such as, for instance, the exposure compensation, which is one of the things I tweak to let me take reasonable outfit pictures indoors in winter when it’s dark outside. I have now read the manual (which only came on a CD, so I had to get T to copy the file onto our network drive because my netbook doesn’t possess a CD drive) and know how to adjust it for future photos, but this morning’s picture is a bit on the dark side – my dress and tights look black, but they’re really purple!


“Slightly gloomy” is also a pretty good description of my mood. Things are nowhere near as bad as they were before Christmas, because I’m out of the work situation I was finding really difficult and stressful, but it’s January and that’s never an easy month for me; the last day or two I’ve been very conscious that while I have still got my head above water, I’m only managing it by standing right on tiptoe. I’m also aware that for the last couple of years I’ve found January surprisingly easy only to crash spectacularly at the start of February, so I’m a bit wary about that. I’m trying to head the black dog off with self-care – exercise, eating well, getting out in the sunshine whenever possible, using my light boxes, knitting cheerful things in brightly-coloured yarn – but I don’t know how successful it will be with two more months of winter to go.

3 responses to “Slightly gloomy

  1. I was also thinking that even if the new job is more congenial and not surrounded by toxic people, there is still a cost of adjustment and change that could be very draining, especially if your resources are low anyway.

  2. The megapixels won’t make things look closer, it increases the resolution (number of dots that make up your pictures). It sounds as though your new camera has a different-length lens to your old one, that would make the difference in apparent distance. What camera have you got?

    Take care of yourself – it’s good that you’re aware of the February crash and can watch out for it.

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