Weekend crafting, 18-19 January

Rather than start a new big spinning project, this weekend I decided to spin up one of the samples I got from the Handweavers Studio when I went on the London yarn crawl in the autumn. I went for 25g of BFL humbug fibre, which spun up like a dream. I split the fibre lengthways into two so I could make a two-ply yarn, and I split each section again into three because I find it much easier to draft thinner sections of fibre. I ended up spinning far and away the finest yarn I’ve ever made.


I think I’ve got about 37m to 25g, and it’s 10 wraps per inch so somewhere between a DK and a worsted weight. Not quite as thin as I’d really like, given that I normally knit with 4-ply and laceweight yarns, but definitely going in the right direction. I think I’ll spin up some more of the samples and then possibly use them to knit something with an ombre effect from the different shades.

After spending some time wondering what to sew next, I decided to make another Birgitte basic tee using some flowered viscose jersey I bought from Croft Mill last year when I first decided to try making t-shirts, as a way to remind myself that I can make clothes.


I haven’t hemmed it yet, because I ran out of steam at that point, but it came together very nicely (except that I have managed to get a pleat of fabric at the back neck when I sewed on the neckband, which is annoying and pretty much unfixable, because unpicking stretch stitch from jersey is basically impossible). I’m not actually sure if I like the print very much or if I will wear it, but it’s good practice.

I have also cast on for Ysolda’s mystery shawl knitalong and been working my way through the first clue. I should be finished with that today, ready for the next clue to be released tomorrow, though I’m really not sure I needed a new knitting project given that I’m still plugging away on my Pi Shawl and the A-Z seems to have been stalled at M for several months now. So much crafting, so little time.

7 responses to “Weekend crafting, 18-19 January

  1. Ooh, I do like that viscose jersey! It looks sort of Klimt-like…

    (Have had one length of viscose and one of cotton jersey waiting for straight, pull-on skirts for ages, without the courage to try sewing them. Really, really need to get on with that.)

    And congrats on the spinning; IME, spinning finer comes gradually…

    • It is pretty, and has a gorgeous drape to it. I’m finding sewing with knits surprisingly easy, even though today I completely forgot about changing to a ballpoint needle.

      And yes, I’m sure practice is the key to spinning as it is to most things!

  2. I got a drop spinner for Christmas. I haven’t tried to spin yet but I’m looking forward to trying. I wonder how much practice I’ll need to get yarn like yours. It’s gorgeous🙂

    • Probably not that much practice – I’ve only been spinning about six months! I started with a drop spindle and did 10-15 minutes a day, every day, for a month, to build up muscle memory, and now I have a wheel and am trying to do an hour every weekend.

      • Now I’m inspired to get it out of the box! My other half bought some samples of wool in various stages of readiness for spinning. He really didn’t need to get me started on yet another craft but he did LOL. Avis x

  3. I just finished my second Follow Your Arrow first clue (that is, one is 1A, one is 1B), which is just completely silly and gratuitous.

    • I’m not ruling out knitting another version at some point, though not right now as I don’t have enough yarn in a single colour and would rather have some idea of what it will look like before going for stripes. It’s very tempting to try every version!

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