The Sekrit Sewing Project is no longer Sekrit (it was a birthday present for my friend B, hence the secrecy), so I can show you what it was.


It’s a Japanese knot bag, made from two fat quarters of quilting cottong using this tutorial. It took me about three and a half hours to make – two hours the weekend before last to do steps one to five and an hour and a half last weekend to try to work out what the hell I was actually meant to do for step six, try various different approaches and eventually realise that I probably shouldn’t have sewn the seams on the sides of the handles right to the top, unpick the tops of the seams, sew the linings together, press everything to within an inch of its life and slip-stitch the tops of the handles in the outer fabrics together while ensuring that all frayed ends were poked carefull away inside. Possibly not a tutorial that was actually aimed at beginners…


I’m pleased with the finished object, though, and more importantly B seems pleased with it too! It’s big enough to fit a small knitting project – socks, hat or so on – and I do like the way you can hang the strap from your wrist while keeping the contents secure (very important for knitting on the bus). I might even make myself one, though I might just be thinking of doing that to put off starting to think seriously about dressmaking again.

4 responses to “Revealed

  1. Super cute and very professional looking. What a nice gift to receive!

  2. Melinda Jackson

    What a nice gift! and thanks for the photo of the bag “unknotted”. Now I know how they make that nice closed top. Important for when you’re knitting on the move.

  3. That’s lovely! Lucky friend!

  4. That’s fab, love the fabric too!

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