Apparently my current default work outfit is a dress with boots and a shawl.


At least, that’s what I have worn on five of the nine working days this year so far, and of the other four one was a skirt and top with boots and a shawl, and another was a dress with boots and a shawl and a jacket, so they weren’t far off. I seem to have abandoned my jackets recently – apart from anything else it’s far too warm in my office to wear one, but I also don’t really like the bulk under a winter coat and now I’m not managing a team any more I don’t feel quite so much need to dress up. I don’t seem to be wearing much jewellery at the moment, apart from shawl pins; I have lots and lots of necklaces but only ever seem to wear the two my friend Helen made when she was going to ceramics classes. I do wonder how long I’ll keep up outfitblogging this time when there seems to be so little real variation in what I’m wearing…

2 responses to “Uniform

  1. But do you vary your combinations?

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