I never promised you a herb garden

So much for my sewing plans; what I forgot when I came up with my timetable was that I was seeing a friend yesterday and needed to sort out the embryonic herb garden my parents gave me for my birthday today, and that as a gardening novice that was almost certainly going to use up most of my energy for today.

Still, after a trip to the garden centre for pots, potting compost and a watering can, and an hour or so’s potting (not to mention a fun few minutes smashing a roof-tile up with a hammer so I could put the shards in the bottom of the pots to aid drainage), I have a rather nice little herb garden:


That’s bay, chives, mint, rosemary, fennel and sage (more or less from top to bottom). Some thyme might be good, but that seems like a pretty good start.

My mother also gave me two rose campions which I’ve put on either side of the back door.


I think they’ll look lovely when they’ve grown enough to flower.

The friend I saw yesterday also gave me a sweet little bag designed to look like a vintage sewing pattern:


I think it’s rather fun.


I think it was really supposed to be a make-up bag, but I don’t wear make-up; my first thought was to keep knitting or sewing oddments in (if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that you can never have too many little bags to keep bits and pieces in) but then it struck me that it looked as though it was a very similar size to the Kindle I’d just been eyeing up in Curry’s. I love paper books, and have a house full of them (quite a lot of which I haven’t read yet, and at least some of which I suspect I’ll never read), but over the last few months I’ve discovered a lot of advantages to ebooks; they’re obviously particularly good for holidays or travel, but they also stop me from falling into my usual bad habit of reading in bed when I’m really too tired to concentrate and flipping idly forward through the pages, until I find I’ve skim-read the whole book and lost interest in finishing it properly. Until now I’ve been reading on my iPad and occasionally on my phone, but the iPad is a bit cumbersome and certainly not something I’d take out and about regularly, while the phone is a bit on the small side for comfortable reading, so I had been wondering about a Kindle. And when we went back to Curry’s we could see that the case was exactly the right size for it; I had to remove the zip (discovering in the process that my seam ripper appears to have vanished – see what I mean about needing little bags to keep bits and pieces in?) to get the Kindle in, but once I had done it fit like a dream.


(And if you recognise what I’m reading, you’ll see another reason why ebooks are such a good idea – I haven’t re-read it for far too long, because lugging our one-volume paperback around is far too tedious.)

6 responses to “I never promised you a herb garden

  1. I bought a Kindle recently, mainly to take away with me on a weekend in Edinburgh. I thought it might like it, it turns out I LOVE it! I’m never without a book (or several) in my bag now. I find the screen much easier on the eyes than trying to read on the iPad. Enjoy!

    • I never expected to love mine the way I do. I got it for practical reasons but now I actually prefer reading on it than reading paper books.

      • I do like not being able to flip ahead and spoiler myself. Though I love the way paper books smell, and the kindle won’t replace that. But it also won’t get a cracked spine or have pages fall out…

    • We’re planning a rail holiday in Austria and Germany later this year, where I think the Kindle will really come into its own – there’s no way I’d take the iPad because I’d be worried about it getting stolen, but we want to travel light so wouldn’t really want to take several books each either.

      I agree with you about the screen being easier on the eyes, though it’s very odd to have a screen that isn’t backlit!

  2. Yes LOTR is a bit of a weighty tome to lug around.

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