Not much goes with orange…

Not only is orange a word with almost no rhymes at all, it’s a colour that doesn’t go with very many other colours. Or at least not in my wardrobe. Which is why, having successfully paired my orange top with one of my vintage print skirts, I found myself struggling to find a cardigan that would go and ended up wearing my slouchy M&S men’s cardi to work on the grounds that at least the colour was right.


Cardigan, top and tights – M&S
Skirt – vintage
Shoes – Clarks

Not the smartest outfit ever, but I think it was OK.

I’m usually a bit wary about mixing patterns together, but my new mac is rather forcing the issue unless I want to stick to only plain skirts (which is not going to happen). The effect as I was knitting on the bus on the way home was particularly floral:


(Clockwise from top: knitting bag, mac, skirt.)

Then again, I used to have floral patchwork dungarees, back in my hippy-student days…

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