I’m planning to make a Ginger skirt as my next major sewing project, but I have a sizeable bit of the navy-with-white-polka-dot cotton left from T’s second pair of pyjama trousers, and I thought it was probably enough to squeeze a Sorbetto out of.

I reprinted the Sorbetto pattern, as the one I printed at Christmas didn’t scale quite accurately, and decided that I probably wanted to cut a size 12 at the bust grading to a 14 at the hips, with a 1″ full bust adjustment. So I traced the pattern, did the FBA, and then decided I’d run up a version in calico to see how it fit – the spotty fabric might just be a remnant, but I did buy 10 metres of calico for a reason!

Sorbetto muslin

I was pleased (and not a little surprised) to find that I’d managed to achieve a pretty good fit. I think that I might add an extra half-inch to the bust adjustment, given that I have the opportunity to, but it would have been wearable made in proper fabric.

Sorbetto muslin - side view

I think I need to learn to do a sway back adjustment, too, though.

Sorbetto muslin - back view

I’ve also been pondering summer cardigan patterns (so much choice!). But then I pulled the lilac cotton cardi I made a few years ago out of the wardrobe and tried it on.

Lilac cardi 2

I don’t wear it much, and I had a vague feeling that it didn’t quite suit me, but I was surprised to realise that it looks really good on. What it doesn’t look is very smart; crocheting round the edges of stocking stitch just doesn’t actually work to stop the fabric rolling, and the buttonhole was just too big and saggy, and the whole effect was just sloppy and handmade in a bad way. So I pulled out all the crocheted edging, and I’m going to unravel the bound-off edges of the sleeves and hem and finish them off in garter stitch, in the same colour as the body of the cardigan, and then pick up stitches along the fronts and round the back neck and knit a garter stitch border there. And then hopefully the edges won’t roll and it will be a much neater-looking cardi.

6 responses to “Refinements

  1. Love that cardi.

  2. Look forward to seeing your finished Sorbetto! I’ve printed off the pattern and it’s in my ‘to sew’ list…

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