I was in a meeting this morning where there were two men in striped shirts, two men in navy jumpers, and three women in various shades of turquoise and teal. The effect was wonderfully harmonious.


Shawl – Elektra
Cardigan – clothes swap
Dress – East
Shoes – Jones Bootmaker

I’d been expecting it to be a rather difficult and contentious meeting, but in fact it was pleasant and very constructive. I think I might start sending out shade cards when I organise meetings in future to see if it helps…

In other clothing news, I have bought a flowery raincoat. This one, in the brown and pink colourway shown in the main picture. I wore it for the first time today, and while I like it a lot (particularly the hood. Why don’t more showerproof coats come with hoods?) it’s the first time in nearly four years that I’ve owned a coat that isn’t purple. I’m on my second purple winter coat, I have a purple mid-length mac and a short purple showerproof jacket. I don’t quite feel like me in a non-purple coat…

One response to “Harmonious

  1. I do love that dress on you – very nice indeed, lovely colour combination🙂

    I wish more coats came with hoods – I want a winter wool coat that isn’t a duffle coat with one. And a nice jacket in that sort of style that is actually waterproof.

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