Holiday FOs, part 1

We spent the last week in a cottage in Cumbria. We went for some lovely walks in beautiful countryside and weather:

Jubilee Monument, Orton Scar Blue sky and trees

cooked meals on a Rayburn, and generally spent time relaxing, which meant I got quite a bit of knitting done and managed to finish off a couple of the projects I’ve been working on.

First off, another pair of Earl Greys for T:


The yarn is Zettl Sirmione; not my usual kind of thing (I’m not overly fond of self-patterning sock yarns) but it was a present and the Earl Grey pattern is simple enough for it to work on, and T seems to think it’s quite fun.

I also finished my Godiva shawl but as I had to wait until I got home to block it you’ll have to wait for a proper post. This is what it looked liked after casting off!

Godiva finished

3 responses to “Holiday FOs, part 1

  1. Lovely🙂
    Looking forward to seeing your shawl blocked. I’m hoping to finish mine soon – what bind off do you usually use for lace shawls? The pattern I’m using just says ‘bind off on next WS’…

    • I tend to do k2, slip those back to the left needle and k2tog through the back loop, k1, slip 2 stitches back to the left needle and k2tog through the back loop – it’s stretchy enough to block well but gives a nice neat finish. Looking forward to seeing pics of your shawl when you finish it – which pattern are you using?

  2. I’m doing an Arrowhead Shawl from that lace patterns e-book. I have 1 chart repeat and the edging to do, although I’m vaguely considering doing an extra repeat because I think I’m going to have about half a ball left, which is probably not enough to make matching mitts even for my little hands!

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