Like most children of the 1970s, I had my fair share of handknitted and crocheted clothes when I was small. My mother knitted me a few things (including a lovely pale blue jumper with a frilly collar) but the things I really remember are the ones my grandmother made. She tended to produce multiple versions, one for each of her many grandchildren. There were the navy slipovers, each one with the owner’s name on it in white, and matching crocheted hat and scarf sets for all the granddaughters, some in red and some in turquoise, with white trims.

My father phoned yesterday evening to tell me that my granny had had a major stroke and wasn’t expected to recover. I don’t know whether those hats and scarves were at the back of my mind when I was getting dressed this morning and decided to put a turquoise shawl with my red dress; it’s not a usual colour combination for me, but it seemed to work.


Shawl – Elektra
Dress – LK Bennett
Boots – Duo

Sadly, my dad phoned again as I was walking to work to let me know that my granny died during the night. Still, she was 89, and she went very peacefully, having spent yesterday in her own bed in the nursing home where she’s lived for the last few months, surrounded by her children; I don’t think any of us could ask for a better end.

7 responses to “Inspirations

  1. I’m sorry to hear your news, but glad that if your granny had to go, it was peaceful. I played swing music to mine on her last night. Peaceful is good.

    Hope you’ll all be okay.

  2. Very sorry for your loss. Peaceful is good though, I hope it brings you some comfort.

  3. Sorry to hear your news. At least It sounds like she went in the best way possible.

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