Is it really only Tuesday?

I can’t quite believe there are still three days of this week left. That’s the trouble with all this time off, you get out of the habit of this working lark…


Shawl – Forest Canopy
Shawl pin – Lantern Moon (a Christmas present from the lovely T!)
Dress – Gap
Tights – M&S
Boots – Gabor

The good thing about it being Tuesday was lunchtime knitting group in Blackwells. And we have a new mascot, courtesy of Tasha who used to come to the group and her mother Jan!

Marvin the Gargoyle

We’ve decided he’s called Marvin…

2 responses to “Is it really only Tuesday?

  1. Marvin is very cute!

    I know what you mean about struggling after holidays, I don’t know about being the Queen of Procrastination, Empress might be closer this week:/

    • Holidays are good, but coming back is difficult! I think it’s harder after Christmas, actually, because everyone feels the same so we’re all demoralising each other!

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