It always surprises me how different colours can look depending on what you pair them with. This skirt is purple, but the grey cardigan and tights I wore today really bring out the grey tones in it. I’m not quite sure if the pink top is a welcome relief or slightly too much for it, but I think my purple patent shoes were definitely the right choice. I’ve had them for about four years now, but don’t wear them very often as they aren’t terribly comfortable; one of the advantages of my new job is that it’s much closer to town and my bus stop than my old office was, so I can get away with wearing less-than-perfectly-comfortable shoes now and again. Obviously, I have resolved not to buy any shoes in future that aren’t comfortable, but it’s good to have a chance to wear the ones that have been languishing at the back of my wardrobe!


Cardigan – clothes swap
Top – Per Una
Skirt – charity shop via friend
Tights – M&S
Shoes – Clarks

2 responses to “Muted

  1. Lovely, I do have a bit of a thing for grey. Funny how those shoes aren’t comfortable on you – I’m in danger of wearing mine out! Different feet, I guess…

    • Clearly I was channelling you today! The shoes aren’t dreadfully uncomfortable, but the soles seem quite hard and I don’t find the heels very stable so walking any distance in them is quite an effort.

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