I actually finished my Elektra shawl two weeks ago, but it took me a week to get round to blocking it and then I had to wait until today before I could take pictures in proper daylight.


The pattern is Elektra by Romi, and the yarn is The Yarn Yard‘s Crannog (100% merino heavy laceweight).


I love the way the shape of the shawl makes it so easy to drape elegantly round my shoulders, and the combination of a fairly sturdy yarn and garter-stitch body with the lacy edging is the perfect combination of practical and pretty for an eveyday shawl. My gauge was off, I think because the Crannog is thinner than the suggested yarn despite the yardage to weight ratio being the same, so I knitted more rows in the garter stitch section to make it a bit bigger, and ended up using all but about 20g of the yarn. I also left out the beads; I misread the pattern and interpreted ‘pbk’ as ‘purl through the back loop’ rather than ‘place bead and knit’, so I accidentally ended up with columns of twisted stitches instead of columns of beads which I think looks rather nice.

6 responses to “Elektra

  1. It’s really lovely. Great shape and beautiful colour. *adds to list*

    • Thanks! Now if only the weather would become a bit more conducive to shawls, I’ve got three I haven’t managed to wear at all yet and a couple of others I’ve only worn a couple of times!

  2. That looks stunning. It’s a fantastic colour too, should brighten up winter no end.

  3. Lovely:) Great colour and I agree about the pattern being a good combination of pretty and practical.

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