Works in progress

At the moment I have three knitting projects and one crochet project on the go, which is pretty much par for the course; I always have a pair of socks on the go, for knitting on the bus and out and about, and a garment of some kind, and a shawl, and some kind of more-in-hope-than-expectation crochet project (I do enjoy crochet, but have yet to manage to finish anything bigger than granny squares).

Anyway, in order of age:

Tropical Breeze

Tropical Breeze shawl, in Wendy Happy (100% bamboo sock yarn). Given that I’m pretty much a novice crocheter I was pleasantly surprised how easy the pattern was to follow. In fact, it was so easy that I’m actually finding it quite dull going and currently looking at it and thinking ‘I have how many repeats to go?’. I suspect this is because I still have to concentrate quite hard on crochet and concentrating on something not very interesting is a recipe for boredom. Also, I can’t work out how to hold the shawl while I’m working on it; if I have one hand holding the hook and the other one holding the yarn and pinching just below the stitch I’m working into, what happens to the rest of the already-crocheted fabric? I find that when I’m crocheting the longer chains the work has a tendency to spin round, which is very annoying when I have to keep straightening it out before carrying on. How do other crocheters manage? I know lots of people who crochet and don’t have three hands, so it must be possible…what am I missing?


Lyttelton, but Kate Davies, in a cotton/tencel 4-ply from The Yarn Yard. I’m really enjoying knitting this; the stitch pattern is easy to memorise and it’s surprisingly quick to knit, although the lack of stretch in the yarn and the fact that I had to go down to 2.5mm needles to get gauge means it is a bit tough on my hands sometimes. I’m also having problems with loose purl stitches in the ribbing, and had a minor fit of ‘argh, I have disastrously loose purling!’ recently before deciding that while my purling is slightly looser than my knitting it’s really not into the realms of tension disasters and that the issue in Lyttelton is just that it’s very hard to get a neat edge on a purl column which is followed by k2tog yo, especially in a slippery yarn. Anyway, I’m pretty happy with the project overall, though starting to worry that it won’t be finished in time for me to wear it this summer (then again, I’m sure it would look good over a long-sleeved t-shirt in autumn too).

Black cat socks 2

My bus knitting: Wonderland Socks by Alice Bell, the second of two pairs I’m knitting as a commission for a friend.


The next in my A-Z of shawls, Daybreak by Stephen West in two colours of Yarn Yard Clan, one variegated and a toning semi-solid. I’m not entirely sure about this; I bought the two skeins ages ago and had always intended them for a Daybreak, but I’m wondering whether they’re really too similar and the stripes in the semi-solid aren’t showing up properly. What do you think? Would more contrast be better?

13 responses to “Works in progress

  1. I’m not sure about the two colours in the Daybreak shawl either ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Maybe a solid to show off the handdyed? I love Lyttleton but I would be driven crazy long before I reached the part you are at๐Ÿ™‚

    • I think the semi-solid would be OK but needs to be darker, really – I picked it because it is very close to one of the colours in the variegated yarn, but because the stripes are only two rows wide I think it risks looking like pooling rather than distinct stripes. I might frog and look out for a darker grey-green, or use something completely different – I have been wondering about a fuchsia and teal version.

      And I’m finding Lyttelton surprisingly un-crazy-making – it’s actually quite relaxing knitting!

  2. That green is really lovely, I’m sure the shrug will be worth waiting for even if you don’t get to wear it ’til autumn.

    I like the subtle toning colours of the shawl but on the otherhand, looking at the photos of the design in the link, it does look like you might miss some of the features because you don’t have as much contrast. I can see the appeal of both to be honest.

    • Thanks! I do like the toning colours but I’m worried that the stripes don’t show – do you think it’s obvious that there are stripes?

      • If I hadn’t looked at the design link, I’d have been inclined to assume the horizontal colour variation was just from the yarn – but bear in mind that I say that as a non-knitter.

        • Non-knitter perspectives are helpful here, as most of the people who see it are going to be non-knitters! I think possibly these colours are just not going to work.

      • You have only just started the stripey section though, haven’t you? I think it might look more obviously when you’ve done more of it.

  3. ๐Ÿ™‚ go black cat socks

  4. I think the colours in the Daybreak are a bit close, and it’s not obvious that it’s a striped pattern, but they `re very pretty colours. Could you rip it back, use a different colour with one of the existing ones, and use the frogged skein to knit something else to wear with the shawl?

    • I think the stripes are actually more noticeable in reality than they look in the picture so I have decided to go ahead as it is – it will be quite a subtle effect but I do like it!

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