Week ending

Well, that’s another week over with. Only four more weeks to go until I leave my current job, and one of those is a week’s holiday. I have been pondering possible updates to my work wardrobe, but trying hard to remember that there’s no point buying autumn/winter clothes in August and anyway, it would make far more sense to wait until I’ve been in the job for a few weeks and have a feel for whether I should be buying jackets or cardigans.


Necklace – made by Helen
Top and skirt – Monsoon
Shoes – Jones Bootmaker

Meanwhile, my plans for this weekend include finishing my Citron (I only have five rows and the cast-off to go, although as each row has about 750 stitches in they do take between half and three-quarters of an hour each) and hopefully getting the sewing machine out to finish my Market Top. However, I suspect my weekend might also involve rather a lot of playing with the iPad I was rather surprised to discover I’d won in a Twitter competition – I’m not sure I believed people really did win that kind of thing, and I certainly never thought I would!

2 responses to “Week ending

  1. I nearly updated my wardrobe for my new job (I’m three weeks in now) and am very glad I didn’t! Although new job has a dress code that specifies “smart”, it’s actually less smart than my old job, which didn’t have a dress code! Plus new job has air conditioning and heating which means I’m working in a totally different temperature to the previous place!

    • Hope it’s going well!

      And yes, that’s exactly what I’m thinking – I want to get a feel for the kind of thing other people wear, and also for office temperatures. Current office is very cold in winter and reasonably warm in summer, and I suspect my perceptions of what constitutes an appropriate number of layers are a bit skewed right now!

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