Everything in the garden’s lovely

I haven’t quite managed to work out the best set-up for taking photos in our spiffy new garden. The bird table makes a very good substitute for a tripod, but I’m not sure where to position it and myself for the best photos. Not quite where I tried today, I think, as that ended up with the sun just catching the top of my head meaning that (a) I was squinting a bit and (b) the camera has overcompensated by making the rest of the photo a bit darker than it should be.


Necklace – made by Helen
Skirt – Clothkits
T-shirt and leggings – M&S
Shoes – Jones Bootmaker

Still, the garden looks fantastic – I’m hoping the weather is nice enough for us to sit out there this weekend!


Pretty good, eh? Especially if you know what it used to look like.


Money well spent, I think.

10 responses to “Everything in the garden’s lovely

  1. The skirt is not ‘Clothkits’, it’s ‘Made by Sadie’!

  2. No plants at all?

    • We’re going to grow things in tubs/pots, but as neither of us is particularly green-fingered and the soil is terrible (basically all rubble from when the estate was built) we thought that would be better than attempting to have flower/vegetable beds. And no lawn – when we first moved in we had a little patch of lawn about 6′ square which was an absolute nightmare even before the ants took it over!

      • The no plants thing was my reaction too, but then I’m a frustrated gardener who has to make do with a flat full of house plants insteadđŸ˜‰

        Glad you are pleased with it though. And yay, another outfit that your necklace matches wonderfully!

        • I’m not terribly interested in gardening and mostly just kill things (if the slugs don’t do it first). And we have quite a lot of green on the right-hand side from our neighbour’s rather overgrown garden!

  3. I am with Ros. Made by Sadie from a Clothkits pattern!super cute!

    I have a balcony covered in container garden plants. I am also not green fingered, and find tubs are much easier to manage. Not sure why, but it’s true. So, your garden looks to me like an ideal space, full of possibility! Also, al fresco dining! Yay!

    • I have a container gardening book which Ros kindly sent me as she didn’t want it any more, and will certainly be looking around for some nice things, but just having a space with possibility rather than a sad-looking mess is a good start!

      Now I just have to hope we get some decent sitting-outside weather!

  4. I like what you’ve done with your space!

    And you should definitely have put “Made by Sadie”!

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