Orange Wednesday

It was a bit warmer this morning, so I decided to brave it and take outdoor photos again.


Shawl – Milkweed
Cardigan – Per Una
T-shirt – Evans
Skirt – vintage fair
Tights – Transparenze
Boots – Dune

By nine this morning this outfit had attracted one ‘You’re not wearing your usual colours!’ and one ‘You look like Sadie, but there’s no purple!’. Now, I don’t think it’s that long since I last wore an outfit with no purple in, but most of my not-purple outfits do involve pink, and I suppose orange is rather more noticeably not-purple…

(Apologies for the rather brief post. There was going to be actual content but then time rather ran away and now it’s ten past eight and I still need to do the washing up and make myself something to eat, so actual content will have to wait for another day.)

2 responses to “Orange Wednesday

  1. Ooh I do like the colour of that skirt.🙂

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