Monday blues

I thought of this as a blue outfit with a pink cardigan, but you can’t see the blue t-shirt under the cardigan and actually, the pink dominates rather.


Scarf – Scroll Lace
Cardigan – clothes swap
Skirt – White Stuff
Tights – M&S
Boots – Timberland

Even though it’s only February and cold and wet and grey I’ve found myself pondering summer clothes recently. I was looking at the pretty little tops they have in Monsoon at the weekend and thinking that maybe I should make the effort to wear something more interesting than plain scoop-necked t-shirts this year, but then I found myself wondering about trying to jazz up some plain t-shirts myself rather than paying through the nose for ready-embellished tops. I’m thinking ribbon or braid trims, maybe crocheted/knitted/fabric flowers or little crocheted lace collars. It’s got to be worth a try, anyway – I might start with the t-shirts I have left from last summer, as most of them are worn enough that if I do mess it up completely and end up with something fit only for dusting I won’t have lost that much. My sewing machine opens up a whole world of possibilities!

(Saying that, can anyone suggest exactly how they would go about attaching crocheted flowers to a t-shirt? I suspect hand-sewing might be the best way.)

5 responses to “Monday blues

  1. I think you’re right – hand sewing would be the best permanent method. You could always make them into brooches that you can rearrange as you fancy & remove for easy t-shirt washing, though?

  2. Yes, I would handsew crocheted flowers on. The machine would be useful if you want to gather fabric into little rosettes or ruffles. Also for adding ribbon trims, etc, though be careful not to lose any necessary elasticity in the fabric. Good idea to experiment on old t-shirts first.

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