My new toy

I have a new toy!

Sewing machine!

It’s a Janome DM1018; it’s pretty much exactly what I was looking for. It seems like a nice basic machine, has 13 stitch options, 4-step buttonholes and comes with buttonhole, zip and blind hem feet, and it only cost me £99.

I bought it from The Husqvarna Studio in Bath. My husband had arranged to spend the afternoon watching the rugby in a pub with friends, and I thought I’d go along for the afternoon and wander round the shops. When I came across the Husqvarna Studio I thought I’d pop in and ask about machines; I wasn’t actually expecting to buy one there but the machine was such a good price and so exactly what I wanted that I couldn’t resist. I was incredibly impressed by the level of service; the man who showed me the machine (who I think was the shop’s owner) was very helpful and showed me how to do straight and zig-zag stitches, buttonholes and fancy stitching, which will be very useful when I come to use it myself. And then once I’d bought the machine, when I said that I was parked on the other side of town and didn’t really want to bring my car across (not knowing Bath well I was worried that I might get lost in the one-way system and never find my way to the shop, or indeed back from there to the parking space near T’s friend’s house) he asked a lad who worked for him to carry the machine most of the way for me. It was only a ten-minute walk, but in its box the machine was rather awkward to carry, so I was very grateful for that help. I’d definitely recommend the shop to anyone within easy reach of Bath who’s looking for a machine.

Now I just have to decide what to use it for! What I really want to do is to make clothes; I think I may buy a Clothkits skirt kit to get myself started. But which one?

4 responses to “My new toy

  1. Decisions! I have the big birdie skirt kit in the purple & lime – it’s lovely quality cord, if that’s any help?

    I’ve only got as far as cutting the fabric, though, as I plan to make a few alterations.

    • I am probably most tempted by that one, though I wonder if I should get a linen or cotton one given that by the time it’s made it will probably be summer and not really cord skirt weather.

  2. Does this machine have stretch overlock stitch as im considering buying one myself as it seems such good value

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