Glass bead game

I was reorganising my stash this afternoon (for which read, desperately trying to make space for the latest acquisitions) and I came across a couple of packets of glass beads I bought in John Lewis a few weeks ago. I’d recently spotted Kayla K’s simple crochet necklace with glass beads while browsing through patterns on Ravelrty, and I was inspired to thread some of the beads on to some leftover sock yarn that was lying around. I picked up a crochet hook that was also lying around (um…I may not be the world’s tidiest person!) and produced this:

Glass bead game

Apart from using sock yarn rather than crochet cotton, I also decided to make a double-stranded necklace by turning the work and crocheting back into the original chain round the back of the neck, and making a loop and two ties to fasten it, although actually it’s long enough to go over my head without unfastening. I rather like it, and it’s certainly not bad for a Sunday-afternoon experiment. This was from a pack of multi-coloured beads, but I also bought a purple pack and I might try something similar with purple beads and purple yarn, or maybe even try using wire if I can find the right kind, although actually I think it’s rather nice to show off bits of pretty leftover sock yarn by making them into jewellery!

2 responses to “Glass bead game

  1. Wow, that’s lovely! I’m feeling all inspired now🙂

  2. Ooh, pretty! What a good idea! (A friend bought me the Happy Hooker for my birthday – there’s some lovely crocheted jewellery in there too).

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