A sheepy day

I decided to take the Bank Holiday off work so we could go to the Shipston Wool Fair.

They had several different breeds of sheep and a demonstration of shearing through the ages, from handheld shears to modern electric clippers. Unfortunately the only breed I can remember of the sheep we saw is the Herdwick:

There were also displays of spinning, raw and combed fleeces to feel, and various woollen products (including insulation fibre for buildings and Liberty-print cloth so fine I would have guessed it was viscose rather than wool). There was a stall selling lamb products, where we bought some lamb burgers to take home for dinner. And there was a stall run by Yarn Gathering in Coventry, where several people admired my cardigan and Jo recognised me from a picture Mim’s husband took at Ravelry day last year which has somehow ended up on the Ravelry Day 2009 website. And where I may also have bought some yarn:

Fyberspates merino nylon sock yarn in ‘Liquorice Violet’.

2 responses to “A sheepy day

  1. I think your sheep (from top left, clockwise around) are:
    Wensleydale (though it could be a Teeswater; hard to say…) Cotswold, and maybe that one below is a Whitafecd Woodland sheep (v rare) but it also looks to me a little bit like a Swaledale.
    I have no idea what kind of sheep is being shorn but it looks like you had a good day at the shipston wool fair.

    • Thank you! Teeswater, Cotswold and Swaledale all ring bells (they did have signs saying what the sheep were, but I foolishly didn’t take pictures of those!).

      It was fun, and something a bit different to do on the bank holiday!

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