Help, I can’t stop knitting!

I’m now well past the heel of my first tiger sock. In fact, the leg is about the length I like my sock legs to be:

I should really be thinking about what kind of cuff to use, binding off and starting the second sock. But instead I’m entertaining mad thoughts of carrying on until I run out of yarn (I’ve got almost 20g of the 50g skein left) and seeing if I can make them knee socks. I don’t even wear knee socks, except when I’m walking to work in the winter and want more than just a pair of tights between my legs and the elements (once I get to work I change into boots but I wear trainers to walk!), and I wouldn’t wear handknitted socks to walk 5 miles a day because they’d wear out too quickly. And if I stop now I’ll have some tiger yarn left to use as a contrast on other socks. But it’s so tempting to just carry on with the pattern, spiralling on and on. And knee-high tiger socks would be very cool!

I knew all about Second Sock Syndrome, but Inability to Stop Knitting The First Sock Syndrome is a new one on me. Of course, I mostly do top-down socks which are easier, because you can’t just keep on and on knitting the foot…

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