A knitting outing

I met Ysolda! Which was very exciting; so exciting that I completely forgot to take any photos (Edit – but Alabama Whirly has some up – I’m in this one with my back to the camera! Edit(2) – and also in the second photo down on Ysolda’s post, which shows B’s Snapdragon hat beautifully). She was very lovely in person, though, and commented on the various items knitted from her patterns I was wearing (now I think about it, she might have been a bit weirded out by that!), and I managed not to be too overcome with awe or scarily fangirly. I tried on the original Peaks Island Hood and have got to make myself one, because I really liked how it looked. I think it would be good in Rowan Kid Classic, and was half-tempted to pick some up in John Lewis after the event, but I have enough projects in progress or lined up for now I think.

Which is not to say that I didn’t come home with new yarn: the Skein Queen also had a stall there and I seem to have acquired two skeins of Blissful BFL sock yarn:

The one on the left is in Gnatcatcher, an almost iridescent purply-grey with patches of green (it reminds me of mother-of-pearl) which immediately told me that it wanted to be an Ishbel; the other one is called Vampire and may well end up being My Vampire Boyfriend socks. Or maybe something else.

Debbie was also selling little tins (about the size of a lip balm) of stitchmarkers, and I couldn’t resist one with a pair of owls in Wedgwood blue and white. Unfortunately my camera refuses to take a photo of them that’s in focus, so you’ll have to take my word for it that they are very cute.

There was also tea and lots of fabulous cake and a chance to sit and knit and chat, and all in all I had a lovely after all – many thanks to Suzanne and the rest of the jelly team for organising it!

And the I got home to find that the new Twist Collective was up. I think Rover might end up being my nephew’s Christmas present…

9 responses to “A knitting outing

  1. I love Peaks Island and I think it will look great in Kid Classic, which I also adore! And you mean everyone there wasn’t draped head-to-toe in Ysolda designs?

    Might have to investigate Skein Queen…

    (Not terribly impressed with the new Twist – except for the new Rosemary Hill stole, that woman can do no wrong IMHO!)

    • It mostly seemed to be me and dyddgu – I was surprised, I thought there’d be more! It’s like going to see a band – if you have a t-shirt you wear it.

      (I’m not wildly impressed either – there’s very little I’d make. But Rover is adorable!)

  2. Thanks so much for coming – and so pleased you enjoyed it – and Ysolda loves seeing people wearing her designs. You were the cool chicks!

    • It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon – thank you all for organising it (and the yarn is soooo gorgeous!).

      I think this may be the first time in my life I have ever been one of the cool chicks!

  3. You’re on Ysolda’s blog too! That’s some serious knitting-fame.

  4. It was lovely to meet you guys and you are very famous now : )

  5. Those yarns are stunning! Such beautiful colors.

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