I have decided (having joined not one but two sock clubs in the last couple of weeks) that I don’t so much have a stash of sock yarn as a collection, in exactly the same way as I have a collection of books. I don’t care that I have more unread books than I can read in the next year, and I don’t care that I have more sock yarn than I can knit in the next year, because I love having books and beautiful skeins of yarn around me for their own sakes. I love knitting, and I love wearing beautiful handknits, but I also love coming home to a squishy parcel of soft, gorgeously coloured hand-dyed yarn. And I love the possibilities of sock yarn; that single beautiful skein can be a scarf, a shawl, a hat, gloves, or even a pair of socks. It could be something for me or a gift for someone else. And it’s complete in itself; all I need to release the possibilities is a pair of knitting needles.

And really, it’s quite a modest habit to have. Most of the yarns I buy cost between £10 and £15, so even if I buy two or three a month that’s quite affordable. Less than I spend on having my hair cut, and visiting the hairdresser is really more of an ordeal than a pleasure.

So, you know what? I’m not going to feel guilty about how much sock yarn I have any more.


There will be actual knitting content soon. I finished Scroll Lace this afternoon and it’s now blocking (after an emergency dash to the yarn shop in our village, which I don’t usually visit as it only sells pastel acrylic and fun fur yarns, to buy more pins); I’m hoping it’ll be dry enough to blog tomorrow. Meanwhile, in my continued attempt to try new techniques I’ve cast on for two socks simultaneously on Magic Loop, am knitting myself some Broad Street Mittens, and, inspired by a throwaway tweet of Triskellian‘s, I have just ordered some yarn to make a TARDIS tea cosy. Because obviously I didn’t have enough other projects on the go. More on all this anon!

4 responses to “Redefinition

  1. I have just joined the knitting goddess sock club myself, so I shall join you in the delight of getting parcels of squishy yarn through the post!

    I’m looking forward to hearing how the two socks on magic loop goes – I knit almost everything I can on magic loop but the last time I tried casting on for two socks, it went, well, the less said about that disaster, the better!

    • Touch wood, it seems to be going OK so far – the first couple of rounds had me wanting to throw my knitting across the room in frustration, but then it started to make sense, and now I’ve nearly finished the cuffs of the socks!

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing Scroll Lace! And the TARDIS tea cosy!

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