Holiday knitting

We were on holiday last week, which meant that I spent a lot of time sitting in front of the fire in a cosy cottage with a view of Lindisfarne, watching Babylon 5 and knitting, as a result of which I have now finished Tim’s stripy socks:

and started on Triskellian‘s push-me-pull-you socks which I agreed to test knit:

They’re fun, although the double knitting requires quite a lot of concentration and changing colours has a slightly MC Escher effect on my brain. So far so good, though.

When not knitting I also visited some of the local yarn shops. Obviously, if you only visit one shop in Alnwick it should be Barter Books, but I also had time to pop into the Alnwick Wool Shop, where I bought a skein of Brigantia DK, because it was pretty and a local brand:

I have no idea what I’m going to make from it. A hat, maybe.

And then we went to Edinburgh, where I met up with A for a visit to K1, where we spent a lot of time petting and prodding and comparing colours (we were both very taken with Jamiesons of Shetland’s chunky yarn in a glorious tealy-blue). In the end I stuck to the relative safety of sock yarn and bought a skein of Old Maiden Aunt superwash merino sock yarn in a lovely leaf-green:

This is telling me it wants to be a scarf of some kind, probably either Ishbel or Lace Ribbon. Any thoughts on which?

And even though it wasn’t really particularly local, I simply couldn’t resist a skein of Fyberspates self-striping sock yarn in the most glorious pink and lime colourway:

That’s going to be socks, although I’m not sure what kind yet.

4 responses to “Holiday knitting

  1. wenswoolgathering

    That Shetland Chunky is gorgeous! My choice for this would be lace ribbon (both those patterns are in my queue)

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